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Profile Genios

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

An advanced and reliable ambulance

We rethought the ambulance, and came up with Profile Genios which was born to save lives. The Profile Genios is a hardworking, dependable ambulance that reflects our emergency vehicle design experience, high-quality workmanship, and the invaluable insights of emergency care professionals.

The Genios is manufactured on a trusted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base vehicle. Built to last and outfitted with our latest design advancements and technologies, the ergonomic, hygienic, and visually appealing Genios guarantees a safe and comfortable workspace that will help make your tough job easier. Plus, the Genios is modular, offering plenty of safe and useful features for you to choose from, including different chassis models.



Why choose Profile Genios?

  • Produced in accordance with EN 1789 regulations
  • Available with Profile special roof
  • Reliable Profile eCan vehicles control system
  • Profile integrated alarm and work lights
  • Profile safety
  • Profile ergonomics
  • Profile hygiene
  • Profile quality
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Time-saving solutions
  • An advanced and reliable ambulance

A1 and A2 patient transportation vehicles

A-type ambulance is designed and equipped to transport patients who don’t need emergency care in ambulance.

There are two types of ambulance for patient transportation

  • Type A1: Suitable for transporting one patient
  • Type A2: Suitable for transporting one or more patients

B-type ambulances

B-type ambulance is designed and equipped for patient transportation, basic care and monitoring.

C-type intensive care ambulances

C-type ambulance is designed and equipped for patient transportation, intensive care and monitoring

Profile features

Profile special roof

Profile special roof has been designed and manufactured for ambulances and special vehicles

The aerodynamic shape with integrated alarm lights minimize the vehicle fuel consumption and reduce operation costs significantly.

Profile special ambulance roof is made of FRP composite (fibre-reinforced plastic). FRP is highly firm and safe and also lightweighted module material. The Profile ambulance roof is safety-tested with vehicle maximum load.

Roof is effectively insulated and therefore patient compartment is convenient working environment both on hot and cold conditions.

Profile ambulance roof is installed to the original factory low roof chassis. Profile ambulance roof enables ca. 150 mm lower maximum exterior height than in standard high roof and interior height it still the same in both versions (comply EN1789).

Profile eCan control system

Modern Profile eCan control system

Profile eCan control system and user interface, operated through touchscreens, is developed specially to be used by ambulance drivers and paramedics. We have developed the Profile eCan system in collaboration with top experts in the field. With our extensive expertise in control systems, we have been able to create a system that provides seamless support for the work of ambulance crews.

Reliable touch screens – in all conditions

The touch screens can be used with gloves on in all conditions, from freezing winter weather to the hot seasons of summer. We have also designed new, even more reliable, wiring looms for the Profile eCan system.

The driver and the paramedic have their own touch screen, designed to suit the specific characteristics of their tasks. Both screens provide important information about the vehicle and displays warnings of risks, such as open doors or an unfastened seat belt. All the functions are visible by one quick glance.

Control system which is easy to use and promotes safety

Since driving safely and monitoring other traffic are the driver’s main concerns, the driver’s screen displays only the main functions with large touch symbols. Therefore, the driver’s eyes can remain on the road. Additional functions are easy to use and only take a moment.

The paramedic’s screen displays the functions that are the most relevant for patient care. These functions are logically organized and the paramedic can focus on the patient while controlling the heating, air-conditioning, and lighting systems, along with other functions that ensure efficient care.

Profile integrated alarm and work lights

Streamlined and aerodynamic ambulance

Many of our ambulance models have integrated alarm and work lights. Integrated lights are beautifully following with the shapes of the basic vehicle design, and are aerodynamically designed. This minimizes wind resistance and thus improves fuel consumption. Our integrated lights can be customized in its colour. LEDs consume approx. 40% less energy than conventional lighting.

Advanced integrated Profile air-flow -system prevents fog and moist from condensing inside the lights. In addition, light system can be equipped with a central power flashers to make the vehicle even better visible from the front.

Design philosophy

Profile safety

Safety first in all we do

We focus on safety in all we do. High level safety is guaranteed by our professional staff and certified processes. Knowing that your work environment is safe enables you to focus on the task at hand.

Safe conversion​

All Profile products are designed and manufactured in accordance with standards that guarantee the highest level of vehicle safety. We have carefully selected all the materials and are based on durability and lightness. All required ambulance structures have been tested to EN 1789 requirements.

  • Compliance with standards - Profile products are designed and manufactured in line with the EN1789, including dynamic 10G negative acceleration crash tests in five directions​
  • European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EWVTA)​
  • 10G tested elements​
  • Ergonomic and safe interior with Nordic design

Rounded edges and excellent protection for the head

All the edges inside the vehicle are rounded, enabling safe and convenient work procedures. In the patient compartment, special attention has been given to areas that could come into contact with the worker’s or patient head. You can also reach the patient, medical equipment, and storage spaces without unfastening your seat belt.

Good presentation and high visibility

Profile first introduced streamlined, integrated emergency lights in the Genios ambulance model in 2006. Nowadays the emergency lights are even more visible and also easier to maintain. In addition, the working lights’ efficacy has been raised to a new level throughout the operation area surrounding the ambulance. Safety and extra visibility are provided by high-quality, outstandingly visible reflective tapes.

Profile ergonomics

Spacious environment for effective work

Safety and ergonomics go hand in hand. We always aim at utilizing all space available in the base vehicle. In our ambulances the patient compartment has enough space to allow for ergonomic and efficient work processes. You can treat the patient without unfastening your seat belt. Adjustable and reversible paramedic seats support a good ergonomic working position. The touchscreen of Profile eCan control system is usually mounted on the paramedic table, or other place close to paramedic seat, at an ergonomic angle. The lighting, heating, and air conditioning have been designed specifically for each model, rendering them extremely efficient.

Profile hygiene


All materials, shapes, and surfaces have been designed with hygiene requirements and ease of cleaning in mind.


Profile special vehicle structures don’t feature any nooks or crannies where dirt might remain after cleaning. The floor is easy to wipe clean. In the patient compartment, all surfaces are as smooth as possible, for easy disinfecting. The number of seams has been minimized, and the few seams required are fully waterproof. We provide also different kind of antibacterial coatings suitable for various different surface materials.


  • Easy to use -system – can be used without a spesific guard time
  • Proven activity for COVID-19 disease causing coronavirus

DecoEco product line includes a hard surface cleaner, sanitizing wipes and a comprehensive misting system for multiple size and shape spaces. DecoEco decontamination substance is tested and approved by the official testing facilities and they fulfill the demanding USFDA- and USDA-standards.

Manual cleaning is easy with surface cleaner and sanitizing wipes. Decontaminating misting system can be used during working hours, between shifts etc. Fine mist spreads into even the smallest  grooves and dents within less than 30 seconds. System’s retrofitting can be done easily to vehicles and spaces.

Profile brings the work space hygiene to whole another level!

For more information contact our Aftersales or Sales!

Use biocides sustainably and safely. Always orientate with the  product information and labelling before use of the products.

Profile quality

Guaranteed quality in everything we do

The goal of Profile is to guarantee quality operations and quality assurance. That is why we have upgraded the management system (quality system) to all our manufacturing units to the latest ISO 9001: 2015 version. ​Upgrading the management system is part of the company’s policy. All the factories have the same processes and operating models, and all the factories are audited by the same auditor.

Quality is one of the company’s core values. Profile wants to hold on to that, because high quality of work, benefits everyone: Profile company, the customer and the interest groups. Profile’s high-quality processes guarantee that the customer will receive an excellent and high-quality product and equal service. The final quality of the product is guaranteed in a meticulous and extensive assurance process. ​Profile also monitors the quality of our subcontractors and vendors. One of the most important criteria are high quality of product, material and service. Openness and mutual clarity are key criteria of cooperation.

Profile uses continuous improvement models

To maintain and enhance quality we take to consideration customer feedback, reclamations, and as well as our workers opinion. Suggestions for improvement are handled by the company's management. Each employee in Profile is committed to follow agreed practices that will make our products high-quality.

Reliable Partnership​

  • VanPartner with Mercedes-Benz​
  • PremiumPartner with Volkswagen​
  • Certified body manufacturer by MAN​

Skilled professionals

The multidisciplinary and international work community of Profile is an important resource of the company. We design and develop our product by a skilled work community. Strong knowledge of the industry and professionalism are reflected in our work. We use the best design softwares in the vehicle industry.