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Significant ambulance orders

Profile Vehicles Group made 2014 all-time record turnover of EUR 32.6 million (2013 EUR 24.1 million), with increase of approx. 26% in 2014. The increase was mainly due to the high activity in export and related increase of manufacturing capacity. Nordic demand remained relatively stable. Profile-Group employed in 2014 approximately 150 people. Corporate management and development are located in the parent company in Iisalmi. Group also has assembly plants in Budapest, Hungary and in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Middle East value the most advanced technology

Profile is currently delivering very advanced ambulances to Saudi Arabia. The customer had very strict requirements in terms of technology and quality. An important criterion was that the customer will have most advanced ambulance product in the industry. Ambulances are now ready for delivery at Iisalmi factory.

Profile has provided Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health ambulances in the past. These deliveries served as a good reference also in this case. These two ambulances are very unique: metallic-black exterior color, and interior color silver and gold, in addition to other very high quality medical equipment. Profile Vehicles has expectations through this important delivery to increase sales in the Middle East region.

Success in the Far East market

Profile attended the beginning of the year the Singapore Ministry of the Interior tender for the supply of fifty ambulances to serve the whole Singapore EMS service. In June 2015 we received information that Profile is selected to deliver ambulances.. The customer appreciated in their scoring in particular the safety, ergonomics and hygiene of vehicles. Competition was hard as biggest ambulance manufacturers from Europe, Asia and Australia attended as well.

Profile will manufacture these Genios ambulances on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. We developed totally new product for left-hand traffic, which is common in many Asian countries. This makes it possible for us to further expand in the Asian market.

European market; deliveries to existing customers and new markets

We have been a strong player in Europe ever since we started export operations. Domestic market in Finland has been quite stable and currently we deliver ambulances to hospital districts, rescue services and private operators. Current order stock coming from domestic market is in good level and will employ Iisalmi factory until 1st quarter of 2016.
We are currently delivering 27 ambulances to Denmark Copenhagen Fire Brigade. Also Falck is a customer of Profile and we just recently delivered 15 ambulances to them.
The Hungarian National Ambulance Service has received during the last couple of years already about 300 Profile ambulances. Other active European export markets are e.g. The Baltic countries, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.

We are constantly seeking new markets for our product offering. We started operations in Czech Republic a bit more than one year ago and we already have orders for apx. 40 ambulances. This fast start on new market is possible due to excellent and professional local partner and good product for the market needs.
Germany is also important market area in which we are active with our relatively new representative.

Close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz

Profile has close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz factory – we are A VanPartner of Mercedes-Benz. As proof of this Profile has been invited to the international Mercedes-Benz TecForum event in October 2015 to present the all-new Profile ambulance concept based on new Mercedes-Benz Vito chassis. First our new product will go through the control carried out by Mercedes-Benz, and after that we present this premium product to the international press which has strength of about 150 media representatives.