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It’s most important, that our customers will get the best out of PROFILE products. PROFILE focuses on providing even more comprehensive services to customers. This means that we take care of the customer and the vehicle throughout its life cycle, from the offer phase to the last shift of the vehicle. If customer wants to have a carefree alternative for vehicles maintenance, PROFILE enables life cycle care which is a great benefit for customer.

We provide customer-oriented and versatile contracts for life cycle care which includes for example vehicle maintenance, service, technical support, and financial service. This makes partnership between PROFILE and customer even more trustworthy and reliable.


Anu Aukea

Finance manager
+358 40 592 4481


One of PROFILE’s service system priorities is that every customer gets the maintenance service they need without delay, whether it concerns a spare parts order, warranty service, scheduled maintenance, or technical advice. One of our strategic policies is to focus on maintenance services and their development.

PROFILE has a comprehensive maintenance network. It does not matter whether the vehicle has been bought from Finland, Estonia, Hungary, or any country of the world, we can arrange the maintenance service, either by ourselves or through a partner. This is important especially in new market areas. It is important that service is performed by well trained and qualified service personnel. This way we can make sure that the products operate correctly.​


We will make sure that vehicles made by PROFILE are taken good care of also after they leave from our factory. We want to provide to our customers a good service and technical support.

Miika Repo

Service and technical support
Accident repairs and modification work
+358 44 721 7422

Jesse Rintakuusi

Service and technical support
Accident repairs and modification work
+358 50 339 0377


We provide various spare parts services to our customers according to their needs.

Our professional staff will be happy to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Markku Danschu

Spare Parts and warranty management
+358 44 721 7445

Ordering spare parts via email to


Profile DecoEco

  • Easy to use -system – can be used without a specific guard time.
  • Proven activity for COVID-19 disease causing coronavirus.

DecoEco product line includes a hard surface cleaner, sanitizing wipes and a comprehensive misting system for multiple size and shape spaces. DecoEco decontamination substance is tested and approved by the official testing facilities and they fulfill the demanding USFDA- and USDA-standards.

Manual cleaning is easy with surface cleaner and sanitizing wipes. Decontaminating misting system can be used during working hours, between shifts etc. Fine mist spreads into even the smallest grooves and dents within less than 30 seconds. System’s retrofitting can be done easily to vehicles and spaces.

PROFILE brings the workspace hygiene to whole another level!

For more information contact our Aftersales or Sales!

Use biocides sustainably and safely. Always orientate with the product information and labelling before use of the products.


Stryker EMS

Stryker develops best-in-class solutions that address critical issues affecting caregivers and patients. Today, as an industry leader in ambulance cots, fasteners, stair chairs and evacuation chairs, Stryker provides more power to you.

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Weinmann EMS

Weinmann develop and manufactures high-quality solutions for diagnosis, treatment and life-saving emergency care, also innovative medical products for ventilation and defibrillation. Weinmann offers a high degree of reliability, extensive experience and quality.​

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