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Profile Protection is one of the business units of Profile Vehicles. Protection products includes secured vehicles, transport vehicles and special vehicles for authorities.

We have experience in ballistic and burglary protection since 1985. As a result of long-term experience and product development, we have created functional product line for the Protection unit. We have delivered more than 1,000 customer-oriented and high quality Protection products.

Protect and save lives is our motto. Safety is one of our product premises. We are proud to produce protection-oriented vehicles and other products for safety.

Police and other authorities

  • Patrol units
  • Dog patrol units
  • Office units
  • Command center units
  • CSI units
  • Scale units
  • Riot units
  • Tactical units
  • Undercover units
  • Prisoner transport units

Valuable transport (CIT)

  • Soft skin units
  • Armored and theftproof units
  • Heavily armored CIT trucks

Personnel carriers

  • Armored Vans with VIP conversion
  • Armored SUV’s with VIP conversion

Other products

  • Ballistic protection and retrofitting
  • Bullet proof glasses
  • NBC filter systems
  • Locking, alarm and immobilizer systems