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Profile Vehicles Oy is the pioneer in special vehicle solutions since 1982. With the headquarter in Finland and subsidiaries in Estonia, Hungary and Sweden, we offer high quality special vehicles for emergency and rescue professionals internationally. All the products are developed and continuously improved in close cooperation with the end customers. With Profile ambulances, you will always get the forerunner of the industry and finest insights for emergency care and rescue, that improves overall safety, ergonomics, and hygiene.

E-ADVANZ – Safe and Green choice

GENIOS – Advanced and Reliable ambulance

DecoEco BlueLight has revolutionised ambulance patient compartment cleaning!

Hygiene in the patient areas of ambulances is very important, both for patient and occupational safety. During the company’s 40-year history, one of the main focuses in ambulance designs has been the patient compartments hygiene. As a result from this, the DecoEco BlueLight decontamination system was developed to revolutionise the cleaning of work areas in patient compartment. DecoEco BlueLight integrates with the lighting in the treatment room and is extremely easy and effortless to use via the eCAN canbus system.

Profile DecoEco BlueLight is a pioneer in the field of cleaning solutions for ambulances and, especially now with virus like corona-19, this is even more important. The BlueLight system has been developed in collaboration with LedTailor, which provides blue light solutions for example for hospital operating theatres. This innovative solution is extremely safe to use and helps to ensure maximum cleanliness in a busy everyday life.

You can read more about Blue Light decontamination system here.

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