Profile Group

Profile Vehicles Oy

Group parent company, Profile Vehicles Oy, is located in Iisalmi Finland. The company develop and manufacture special vehicles, manages the operations of other group units and organize product distribution channels and after sales services.

Profile Vehicles Oy, Hungarian branch office

The Hungarian branch office, established in 2012, is the newest member of our group. Our unit in Hungary includes the assembly of special vehicles and sales and after sales services.

Profile Vehicles Baltic Oü

Our third manufacturing company was established in 2002 and is located in Tallinn Estonia. The unit specializes in the manufacture of special vehicles and modules.

Profile Vehicles Sweden AB

A company has been operating in Sweden since 1997. Our subsidiary is located in a car city, Trollhättan, south of Sweden. We work in up-to-date facilities where we can also provide maintenance and repair services for special vehicles.