Advanced vehicle manufacturing technology

Profile Vehicles has developed its manufacturing processes further by investing a great deal of resources in it, in addition to the design work. Of the company’s stated values, internal and external cooperation has assumed a more pronounced role, together with development activities. Without continuous development the company could not have been able to meet the challenges presented by the rather rapid expansion and growth of the company and business activities.

All standard products and product configurations composed of various different modules are manufactured on assembly lines based on a scheduled mean completion time. The assembly line has several assembly stations, each of which inspects the work quality of the previous assembly stage. In other words, there are several quality assurance control stages during the course of the overall manufacturing process operation.

Furthermore, in the final quality assurance inspection, it will be assured that the unit includes all the required equipment and components and that they are functioning appropriately. At the initial stage of the manufacturing process all the standard products and modular configurations are completed, and in the final stage the unit can be customised according to a customer’s needs. According to Profile Group Sales and Marketing Director Jari Mononen, the manufacturing process seeks to provide high-quality products, short lead times and maximum efficiency.

Profile’s customers benefit also from other advanced processes associated with manufacturing and design activities. - All our production facilities operate on the basis of the so-called Lean Manufacturing model, made famous by the automotive and electronics manufacturer, Toyota. The model is based on a number of principles whose application enables achieving high quality levels and time savings, as well as a customer-oriented approach to the manufacturing process in general. In the Lean Manufacturing model all work tasks and stages which do not provide added value for the customer are eliminated, and all work input is focused only on the necessary tasks requiring immediate attention at any given time.

- We also utilise efficiently the so called 5S working environment organisation method. This is basically a quality assurance tool that helps us eliminate unnecessary tools and equipment at the work stations, to keep only the necessary items within easy reach and to maintain the entire working environment in a tidy and safe working condition.

Quality assurance is also a primary objective in all manufacturing processes, and Profile seeks to lead the way in this respect too. Identical manufacturing processes and operating models are utilised in all the production facilities of Profile Group, and the same certification body audits all the production facilities. One of the stated company values is quality. Profile makes no compromises concerning quality or quality assurance, because, at the end of the day, our customers benefit from the high-quality work outcome. - All special vehicles and versions included in our production range delivered from all the production facilities delivered from all our production unitsare manufactured according to exactly the same features and requirements and assembled with exactly the same high-quality workmanship. All our employees have undertaken full compliance with the agreed operating procedures and methods which facilitate optimising both the high-quality products and manufacturing processes. The customers can be sure that they will receive a high-quality Profile product. In the course of the year 2016, our quality management system was upgraded to the new version of ISO 9001:2015.