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12.11.2018 17:11
  Today, on a chilly monday, we shall hear another heart warming story from production worker. Tiina Rytkönen, our long-term upholsterer will shed light on her work and the role of upholstery in our vehicles.    
05.11.2018 19:11
05.10.2018 18:10
Throwback to 1998 when Gaz Profile module-ambulance was ready to be shipped to Russia. It's always nice to look back to the past and time after time be amazed about the progress we've made.
04.10.2018 16:10
This glorious Mercedes-Benz 310 ambulance, manufactured by Iikori ky/Profile, was very popular in Finland during 1980-1990.
03.10.2018 13:10
Iikori/Profile has also innovated, designed and manufactured new kind of solutions and equipment for rescue vehicles. For example an electro-hydraulic stretcher platform with height adjustments and suspension. This system was very popular on the 90's.
02.10.2018 11:10
  In the photo, the founder of Iikori Ky (later Profile Vehicles Oy), CEO Kosti Repo, standing on front right with his colleagues. On the back you can see the first ambulance ever built by this company. It was delivered to Kangasniemi ambulance service in September 1982.  
04.09.2018 15:09
Welcome to meet Profile and see our best ambulances on the market at Safety, Security & Rescue trade fair September 11-13.9, 2018, Tampere, Finland.
21.05.2018 15:05
New Profile Progrez, Volkswagen Crafter
25.04.2018 14:04
Pasi Satamo is appointed Profile Group aftersales manager. Pasi´s earlier experience from the field of manufacturing (production manager) will help aftersales to be fully integrated part of our industrial process, driven by the customer feedback and -satisfaction. CONTACTS: