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Profile Vehicles

Profile is a Finnish and internationally known designer and manufacturer of special vehicles. Profile product combines a long-term experience and knowledge of the industry, product development is based on customer-oriented design and technological excellence.

The actual history of the company began on 1982 in 1th September, when Iikori Ky was founded by Kosti Repo. Soon after Iikori became Finland’s largest ambulance manufacturer.

In 1990, the company began to use innovative ambulance modules in production and the most famous one was the original Profile special roof. According to customers, it created a new profile for the appearance of ambulances. That’s how Profile got its name.

We listen to you, your wishes and ideas. In Profile product, you will always get the forerunner of the industry and finest insights for emergency care, that improves safety, ergonomics and hygiene. When you choose Profile product, you will always be a one step ahead now and in the future.

Our values

Cooperation, Continuous Improvement, Commitment and Quality, all these four are the pillars of Profile’s success story and they reflect the company’s values.


An important part of our success comes from cooperation between Profile company, business partners and customers. Cooperation with emergency care professionals are paramount of importance when we are designing and manufacturing a high-quality products that meets customer needs. Cooperation with Profile team and various parties enables to innovative product development, high-quality, professional production processes and a reliable partnerships.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is one of the main operating models in our company. These approaches include three different aspects of sustainable development such as ecological, economic and social sustainability. Profile is the third in Europe who has been awarded with Green Lean Continuous Improvement Certificate. It means that our company is committed to follow high quality standards in every aspects.

Our responsibility to the global environment is very important to us. We have adopted the lean-method production model, with the goal to produce as little waste as possible. This also allows us operate the most efficiency way. We use the latest industry tools and manufacture our products using serial production methods that ensure high and uniform quality. We also take individual needs into account providing modular sets of options.


Quality is the cornerstone in Profile company. With quality comes the ability to provide the reliable and dependable tools that help our customers save lives. Profile uses high-quality management systems in every function and thesystems covers all of our products and operations. Profile has partnerships with well-known car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Company has several certificates for design and quality, for example ISO 9001:2015 for quality management. Our product development and functionality of operations are consistent with our quality standards.


Commitment to our work is our promise. We are committed to keeping our company product, services and standards up-to-date; we commit to the evolution of product innovation by seeking new ways and ideas to improve our offerings. Additionally, we are committed to comply with all applicable legal & other requirements relating to its quality, safety and environment management.

History of Profile



Iikori was established

Iikori Ky was founded by Kosti Repo on first of September in 1982. The factory was founded in Iisalmi, Luuniemi, in the southern part of the town.

Interior Designer Manager Keijo Repo and Purchasing Manager Matti Sollo joined Kosti and were founders of Iikori and general partners of the company. In the beginning Iikori employed overall 7 people. Silent members were platers Juhani Karhu and Toivo Kainulainen and Interior Designer Timo Riihelä. Electrician Pekka Nissinen First ambulance was ordered by the Hospital Carriage Partti Kangasniemi.

First chassis to be converted into an ambulance. People from left: Kosti Repo, Toivo Kainulainen, Pekka Nissinen, Keijo Repo, Timo Riihelä, Juhani Karhu and Matti Sollo.


New production facilities

In 1985, a private production hall was built in the northern part of Iisalmi to Teollisuuskylä, as coordinator of industrial production premises in Iisalmi. The hall was built by Teollisuuskylä Oy and then sold to Iikori Ky. After two years, in 1987, due to growth of production capacity the hall had to be expanded considerably.

New business premises in Teollisuuskylä, Iisalmi


Iisalmi Entrepreneur Award

Iikori Ky was rewarded with Iisalmi entrepreneur award.


Victory of bidding competition

In 1987, Iikori Ky won an important bidding competition for safety cars. These vehicles were built on heavy truck platforms and were a demanding job for the company. This tender was the main reason for expanding the production hall.

– At the time, trading was intense, social business which included interacting with clients. From several of these customer relationships evolved real friendships, says Marko Repo. It has also led to a strong loyalty from the customers’ behalf towards our company.




In production, the company launched a new, innovative module for ambulances in 1990. The most famous change was lifting the original roof of the ambulance.

According to customers, it created a new profile for the appearance of ambulances, and that’s how Profile got its name.


Far-wise thinking

– When the banking crisis began the former Finnish currency devalued sharply in 1991, Marko Repo recalls the wicked recession that influenced the whole country. It affected the whole business economy in Finland, but it did some good for Iikori. Despite some persistent offering, the company had not taken any foreign loans. Kosti Repo was extremely sensible and far-wise as he refused to take currency-related loans even though money was needed.

In addition, Iikori had just completed an excellent product on Volkswagen T4 Transporter chassis, that suited the market situation controlled by the recession. At the same time big political upheavals wiped out the world and the Iron Curtain between West and East Germany fell which led to an open market in East Germany.


Profile Component Oy was born

Profile Component Oy was founded in 1992, and Marko Repo became one of the owners of company. Iikori became a subsidiary owned by Profile Component Oy. Back then we didn’t consider that it would be important to inform others about the changes of the company. We started to make a product that was initially a Profile Component ambulance. At first it was made in the Chevrolet Chevy van base vehicle and after that in the VW T4 base vehicle.


Volkswagen T4 Profile Ambulance

Markets in Norway opened in 1993. In Norway the business started immediately very well, because the VW T4 Profile ambulance we had built was even more advanced compared to local and import ambulances. In addition, we got a good, well-known and reliable retailer to deal with sales and aftermarket in the Norwegian market.


Entrepreneur Award

In 1993 Iikori ky was awarded with entrepreneurial prize of the Savo Province.


Close cooperation

We had close cooperation with Russians in 1994 to 1999. We worked with them on the GAZ-3302 bran. It was long-term development of the chassis. We provided a patient compartment module and a modular ambulance for their needs. The benefits and disadvantages of the module have been controversial over the years, but there were not dispute about its usefulness. The module enabled to have any kind of patient compartment that suited to customer wishes. It does not require compromises of the same size as the ambulance which is built on a van.

With product development, we developed a completely revolutionary module. It was a unique technology. That module was a composite basket made in one mold. It was as strong, and it had very modern solutions, thanks to that carefully done product development work. The product itself received excellent ratings in Russia and was the preferred model until the ruble was devalued. Change in the value of the ruble made it impossible for Russians to buy that expensive solution from us and they had to be satisfied for the basic and local models. This happened at the end of the 1990s.

In the picture there is Finnish and original Profile GAZ Modular Ambulance in 1998.


New factory and our current location

In 1997, we moved again to a new factory in Iisalmi which is also our current location today. At first, we rented half of this large business hall but later, with the recession, the price of the property was affordable and set at an appropriate level, so we were able to buy the entire property in 1999.

Back then the reason for the acquisition was clear. We had to get a better and more suitable premises for production. In production we had to invest more in modular ambulance assemblies for Russia. At the time the domestic production was kept at a former factory.


The subsidiary was established in Sweden

In 1997 the subsidiary was founded to southern Sweden in Trollhättan. Mostly this subsidiary concentrate on markets, sells and service of special vehicles in Sweden and it also provides maintenance and repair service for special vehicles.



A Year of Change

In 2000, our entire business moved to this new and the latest property and production started from the beginning of 2001. Those large premises were our own now and the property has two hectares of land. It was fateful that the leader of the whole big project, our CEO Kosti Repo didn’t get to start in his new office and passed away during the time of the move into new premises.

During the same year, Marko Repo started as CEO. Marko continued the work of his role model, Kosti Repo. During 2000, we also strongly developed our export operations. It started quite solemnly when the Russian President ordered a private ambulance use from. That information spread all over the media. Kremlin was impressed by our quality, and ordered 40 other well-equipped ambulances from us.


Golden Key Award

In 2000 The Company was awarded with Golden Key from Foreign Trade Association, Finnpro, Finnish Workers’ Association and MTV3.


Saudi delivery

Profile GMC ambulances were loaded on the world’s largest cargo aircraft, Antonov 124, at Kuopio Airport in February. 40 vehicles were delivered by sea freight and 20 vehicles were delivered by plane to Saudi in 2000.


Workplace Spirit Award

In 2001 the company was awarded with Workplace Spirit award by local newspaper Iisalmen Sanomat, Ylä-Savon hengenpuhaltaja.


National Entrepreneur Award 2001

The Company was awarded with National Entrepreneur award 2001, by Finnish Entrepreneurs.


Good Workplace Award

Worker’s union local office awarded the company with Good Workplace award in 2002.


Profile Vehicles Baltic OÜ was founded

In 2002 we founded a subsidiary in Tallinn, and it was called Profile Vehicles Baltic OÜ. With ambulances the company become the market leader in Baltic area. The luxury buses were manufactured in 2002 and those buses were a well-known on the streets of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Export operations had developed rapidly.


Connections to China

New markets were opened in 2004, when we started close cooperation with China. Several vehicles were delivered to the Beijing Emergency Center.


Entrepreneur of the Year

In 2006 The Company was awarded with a Growth Company in Eastern and Northern Finland.


Launching Profile Genios

The Profile Genios Ambulance was productized on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base vehicle in 2006.


A big delivery

Profile delivered 61 vehicles to Kuwait in 2007.


Launching Profile Neo

Profile Neo ambulance was productized in 2007 for the new Volkswagen Transporter T5 base vehicle.



ISO 9001 Quality Certification

ISO 9001 The quality management system was audited for the first time in every Profile factory, in 2010. Quality has always been the cornerstone in Profile products and service and guaranteed by quality management systems.


Mercedes-Benz VanPartner agreement

Profile Vehicles Ltd. was named the official VanPartner of Mercedes-Benz.


Foundation of a Hungarian Branch Office

The Hungarian branch office was founded in 2012, and it is the newest member of our group. The Hungarian unit offers a various special vehicles and sales as well as after-sales service.


Entrepreneur of Eastern Finland

Our CEO, Marko Repo, was awarded the Entrepreneur of Eastern Finland in 2015.


Launching Profile Advanz

Profile Advanz Mercedes-Benz Vito VAN ambulance was productized in 2015


Launching Profile Optimus

Profile Optimus ambulance was productized on the Ford Transit base vehicle in 2017.


Volkswagen PremiumPartnership

Profile Vehicles Ltd. was named official Volkswagen PremiumPartner in 2018.


Launching Profile Leonardo

Rescue Vehicle Profile Leonardo Ambulance

Profile Leonardo ambulance was productized on the Fiat Ducato base vehicle in 2018.


Green Lean Continuous Improvement

Profile Vehicles Oy is the third international company in Europe which has been awarded with the Green Lean Continuous Improvement Certificate. Green Lean training focuses on three different aspects: economic, ecological and social sustainability. Profile is committed to Green Lean operating models and focuses on continuous improvement.

Career in Profile

Become a part of Profile’s international and competent team!

Our company employs over 150 professionals around the world and this multi-professional personnel is an important resource for the company. Profile offers versatile and interesting jobs around leading products and services in the Rescue, Protection and Service units.

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